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Wednesday 22 August
Farooq Sulehria
First off, some simple arithmetic about the July 25 general elections in Pakistan, the sixth most populace country in the world. In a house of 342, 272 members are directly elected. The rest of the seats are reserved for women and religious minorities allotted on the basis of the parliamentary (...)
Wednesday 22 August
Angela Klein
The crisis of the German government and the EU: an explosive farce The day after the “agreement” between the two parties of the CDU-CSU union, the media speculated on the question: “Who has won?” Of course, the answer was given according to the preferences of the media but the general tenor was: (...)
Tuesday 21 August
Said Bouamama
For many French people, the only images of Guiana they have are Devil's Island and the Ariane launch site. What is sometimes added to this is a picture of people always holding i strikes for incomprehensible reasons while also being reliant on aid. Behind these media images lurks a colonial (...)
Tuesday 21 August
Jeff Mackler
The unfolding events in Nicaragua over the past three months pose two critical questions for socialists and antiwar activists. Where do we stand on the critical issue of U.S. imperialist intervention and where do we stand with regard to the dynamics of the still-unfolding confrontations? - (...)
Monday 20 August
Christopher Baum
Christopher Baum reports on the government's ongoing and criminal negligence in violation of court orders that is keeping over 700 children separated from their families. - IV523 - August 2018 / USA, Migration
Sunday 19 August
Joseph Daher
More than seven years after the beginning of the popular uprising in Syria, which increasingly turned into an international war, the causes of this eruption are often forgotten. When they are discussed, the vast majority of authors reduce the uprising to a struggle against authoritarianism (...)
Sunday 19 August
Chris King-Chi Chan
China's economic reforms started exactly forty years ago. Labour scholars today are debating the extent to which labour relations and the labour movement in China have changed, and where they may be heading. Positions are polarized between pessimists who emphasise the structural power of the (...)
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