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Saturday 5 May
Nina Trige Andersen
A continuing displacement crisis and growing discontent with martial law risk creating yet another conflict. - IV520 - May 2018 / Philippines
Friday 4 May
Houshang Sepehr
The Iranian working class, long suppressed and brutally exploited, burst onto the scene in early January of 2018, shaking Iran's bourgeois-clerical regime. Iran was shaken by protests against rising food prices, mass unemployment, growing social inequality, the brutal austerity agenda and (...)
Thursday 3 May
These are not “confrontations” or “clashes” as the mainstream media and Western governments are saying. We are dealing with the deliberate crimes of an occupying, colonial and racist force against unarmed protesters. - IV520 - May 2018 / Palestine, (...)
Wednesday 2 May
Olivier Besancenot
Olivier Besancenot is a spokesperson for France's Nouveau parti anticapitaliste (NPA - New Anti-Capitalist Party). He was interviewed by Mathieu Dejean of the magazine Les Inrockuptibles on 19 April 2018. Since then the movement has continued, meeting with severe repression in evicting (...)
Wednesday 2 May
This resolution was rejected by the World Congress by 1 vote for, 95 against and 16 abstentions. - 11. 17th World Congress - 2018 / Fourth International, 17th World Congress
Wednesday 2 May
This resolution was submitted by the “Platform for a Revolutionary International”. It was rejected by 6 votes for, 105 against and 3 absententions. The footnotes are part of the resolution. - 11. 17th World Congress - 2018 / Fourth International, 17th World (...)
Wednesday 2 May
On 25 May, the long-awaited and campaigned-for referendum on changing Ireland's very restrictive abortion law – encapsulated in the 8th amendment to the constution – will finally be held. The very broad-based Trade Union Campaign to Repeal the 8th launched a tabloid campaign newspaper on 1 May. (...)
Wednesday 2 May
Daniel Bensaïd
In 2008, in an interview with Francis Sitel for the journal Critique communiste (No. 188) Daniel Bensaïd looked back over the strategic debates which took place in May 1968, and especially in its immediate aftermath, among the militants of what became in 1969 the Communist League. Between (...)
Wednesday 2 May
Ilya Budraitskis
The dramatic events in Russia and Ukraine over the past two years have begun a new phase in the struggle over the legacy of communism in the post-Soviet space. As the concrete features of “real socialism” become blurred and vanish, those necessary for the production of ideology become ever more (...)
Tuesday 1 May
Phil Hearse
None of the key events of 1968 happened in Britain, but they impacted dramatically on the configuration of the Left. One socialist journal said it was “the year the ice cracked”. But more realistically it was the culmination of a process of left political renewal started in 1956 when the (...)
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