International Viewpoint

Tuesday 19 June
Clémence Carayol, Mathieu Dejean
For the past month, Chile has been living to the rhythm of demonstrations and university occupations by a historic feminist movement, calling for non-sexist education and the end of harassment and of gender inequality in the health system. - IV521 - June 2018 / Women, (...)
Monday 18 June
Pedro Fuentes
The fiftieth anniversary of May ‘68, like the centennial of the Russian Revolution, is far from a mere ritual commemoration. Both mark high points of the struggle of the workers for their self-emancipation, and their lessons are incorporated into our history and give continuity to the struggle (...)
Monday 18 June
Lee Sustar
Trump's conflict with Canada and European countries over trade grabbed headlines during the G7 summit, but there are deeper factors involved, writes Lee Sustar. - IV521 - June 2018 / USA, Economy
Sunday 17 June
Hilary Wainwright
This rebellious era shaped radical activists – and aggressive capitalists. What can we learn from 1968, for democratic change today? - 4. Features / Britain, Features, 1968
Sunday 17 June
David Camfield
Climate change is already happening. But the really bad news is that there's very strong evidence that capitalism will deliver a future of catastrophic climate change that will have far-reaching effects around the world, especially in the imperialized countries of the Global South. There is a (...)
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