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Monday 27 August
Arundhati Roy
It will not be enough for us to rue the past, writes Arundhati Roy. - IV523 - August 2018 / Ecology and the Environment, India, Climate
Monday 27 August
Joseph Daher
Syrian secularists, and moreover the concept of secularism, are under attack online and on the ground. Joseph Daher takes a critical look at recent efforts to discredit the contribution of Syrian secularists to the 2011 revolution and offers historic perspective on the meaning of secularism and (...)
Monday 27 August
Jeffery R Webber, Phil Gasper
Jeffery R. Webber is senior lecturer in the School of Politics and International Relations at Queen Mary University of London. He spoke with ISO editorial board member Phil Gasper on April 5, the morning after the Brazilian Supreme Court voted to imprison the country's former president, Lula da (...)
Sunday 26 August
Laurie Garrett
As The world's experts on HIV/AIDS gathered in Amsterdam for the 22nd International AIDS Conference a collective anxiousness has set in. - IV523 - August 2018 / Aids, Public health services
Saturday 25 August
Tariq Ali
Some general characteristics of the imperialist recolonization of the Arab world, which began with that brutal dress-rehearsal, the First Gulf War of 1991, are now clearly visible. Too many people supposed that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US eagle would discard its talons; (...)
Friday 24 August
South Africa is becoming more impoverished day by day. Stats SA's latest figures show unemployment increasing by 0.5 to 37.2. (We don't bother with the smaller figure of 27.2 that gets all the publicity. Would you say to the face of one of the 2,864,000 “discouraged work seekers” that they are (...)
Thursday 23 August
Nick Dearden
Nick Dearden looks at the theories of one of Africa's greatest radical thinkers - IV523 - August 2018 / Marxism, Obituary, Africa
Thursday 23 August
Éric Toussaint
Central America is considered by the US government as part of its own exclusive sphere of influence. The policies adopted by the World Bank in terms of granting loans to the countries of the region are directly influenced by the political choices of the US government. The case of Nicaragua and (...)
Wednesday 22 August
Farooq Sulehria
First off, some simple arithmetic about the July 25 general elections in Pakistan, the sixth most populace country in the world. In a house of 342, 272 members are directly elected. The rest of the seats are reserved for women and religious minorities allotted on the basis of the parliamentary (...)
Wednesday 22 August
Angela Klein
The crisis of the German government and the EU: an explosive farce The day after the “agreement” between the two parties of the CDU-CSU union, the media speculated on the question: “Who has won?” Of course, the answer was given according to the preferences of the media but the general tenor was: (...)
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