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Saturday 2 March
Frieda Afary
In this paper, I would like to address four questions: 1. Is capitalism inherently authoritarian, and if so, why? 2. What economic and ideological factors can account for the current rise of authoritarianism in the U.S. 3. What is New About Trump's Authoritarianism? 4. How can it be effectively (...)
Saturday 2 March
Yasar Boran
In a snap election on June 24, 2018, Turkish President Tayyip Recep Erdoğan received more than 52% of the vote for president. The rightwing “People's Alliance” that brought together Erdoğan's Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the Nationalist Action Party (MHP) obtained over 53% of the vote, (...)
Friday 1 March
David Finkel
Militarist hawks and liberal pundits alike are up in arms (figuratively, of course) over Donald Trump's “victory” proclamation and announcement of U.S. troops' withdrawal from Syria. What does it actually mean for the cascading disasters in the Middle East? - IV530 - March 2019 / USA, Syria, (...)
Thursday 28 February
1. The self-proclamation of the right-wing Juan Guaidó as president of Venezuela, in a coup d'état led by Trump, to pave the way for direct intervention in the neighboring country, placed Latin America as a center of tension in the global situation. By directly operating this policy, U.S. (...)
Thursday 28 February
Farooq Tariq
Stop this madness on both sides - 2. News from around the world / Pakistan, India, Kashmir
Tuesday 26 February
Solidarity Steering Committee
The vicious, dirty – and bipartisan – smear campaign against the first two Muslim women in the U.S. Congress, Ilhan Omar (MN) and Rashida Tlaib (MI), is just beginning. No one should imagine that Rep. Omar's dignified apology for her tweets about the Israel lobby, which have been willfully (...)
Monday 25 February
Jammu Kashmir Awami Workers Party , Radical Socialist
Terrorism is not a reference to any category of persons but refers to a particular method, technique or tactic that involves the killing or injuring of innocent civilians or, outside of a battle or war zone, of even soldiers who by virtue of the distinctive nature of the attack are rendered (...)
Saturday 23 February
Dan La Botz
Socialists must organize a national movement against Trump's national emergency. - IV529 - February 219 / USA
Saturday 23 February
Lal Khan
Truth, as they say, is the first casualty of war. The situation of the ruling classes of India and Pakistan is so disdainful that they cannot go to war nor they can sustain a genuine peace. What they contrive are virtual wars and hoaxes of peace. In the ongoing rhetoric of war and the hysteria (...)
Thursday 21 February
Daniel Tanuro
How can we reconcile social struggle and environmental struggle? This question poses problems for trade unionists. To avoid a climate catastrophe, it would be necessary to reduce economic activity, to suppress useless or harmful production, to give up a substantial part of the means of (...)
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