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Sunday 30 December
Dianne Feeley
Racism, inequality, and austerity politics were the culprits in the poisoning of Flint, Michigan. And residents are still living with the consequences. - 7. Reviews section / Ecology and the Environment, Racism
Sunday 30 December
Philippe Alcoy , Redi Muçi
Albanian students are protesting en masse against a new hike in tuition fees in one of the poorest countries of the continent. While the medium wage in Albania is 350 euros per month, the tuition fees can go up to 2000 euros per year. Government wanted to make students pay for retake exams but (...)
Saturday 29 December
Carine Clément
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced a drastic reform of Russia's pension system this June, just as the World Cup began: the retirement age would be increased from 55 to 63 for women and from 60 to 65 for men. Although President Vladimir Putin tried to stay out of the debate, the (...)
Saturday 29 December
Andreas Malm
Capitalist climate governance has always relied on pseudo-reforms that leave the richest free to accumulate capital, while dumping taxes on working people to nudge them in the 'right direction'. But as the protests of the gilets jaunes show, many working people no longer accept the moralising (...)
Friday 28 December
Éric Toussaint
Are Chinese corporations overleveraged? Since the central government injected massive sums of money in the economy as part of a stimulus plan to fight the Great Recession, debt levels in the Chinese economy have skyrocketed. - 4. Features / Economy, China, (...)
Friday 28 December
Philippe Alcoy , Gergő Varga
Protests against what is being called Viktor Orban's “slave [labour] law” in Hungary are turning into a questioning of his entire regime. For nearly 2 weeks now, Hungarians have been taking to the streets in Budapest and in other cities across the country, protesting labour law reforms that will (...)
Thursday 27 December
Charlie Hore
In the early 1930s there were more Trotskyists in China than anywhere else outside Russia. The defeat of the Chinese revolution in 1927 was one of the decisive factors in the emergence of Trotskyism as a distinct body of thought, and a powerful influence in shifting Trotsky's views on the (...)
Thursday 27 December
Workers at the Portuguese Port of Setúbal returned to work on December 15, drawing to a close a virtual paralysis of the port since November 5. - 2. News from around the world / Portugal, Trade unions
Thursday 27 December
V. Arun Kumar
The shutdown in rural India coinciding with the trade union's strike will unite the farmers and workers to challenge the pro-corporate and anti-people rule of far right BJP government. - IV527 - December 2018 / India
Wednesday 26 December
Achin Vanaik, Anuradha Chenoy
Major trends of changing geopolitics impact Asia and Europe and provide space for positive interventions from peace movements for people's security. Even as the rise of Asia is seen as impacting international geopolitics the current reality in the Asian Continent is as follows: Most riven by (...)
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