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Tuesday 5 December
Joseph Daher, Katty Alhayek
Katty Alhayek (KA): Recently, you published an article titled “Militias and crony capitalism to hamper Syria reconstruction,” how do you define “crony capitalism” in this context and what challenges it poses to future reconstruction efforts in Syria? - IV515 - December 2017 / Syria, (...)
Monday 4 December
Hope Reese, Stephanie Coonz
“Where we go next depends on how we take — or don't take — advantage of this moment.” - IV515 - December 2017 / Women
Sunday 3 December
Tadashi Kinoshita
Donald Trump made his maiden trip to Asia as US president from November 5 to 14 this year. President He ordered a widening of sanctions on Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) from Japan, Republic of Korea (South Korea), China, Vietnam, and Philippines. On the other hand, North (...)
Saturday 2 December
Sarah Leonard
This movement didn't start yesterday—and it has a long way to go. - IV515 - December 2017 / USA, Women
Friday 1 December
Julian Brave Noisecat, Nick Estes
In a world where Native people had little power, American Indian Movement cofounder Dennis Banks was a force. - IV515 - December 2017 / USA, Obituary, Indigenous struggles
Thursday 30 November
Bernard Alleton
Within the next year the referendum on the self-determination of Kanaky / New Caledonia must be held. This territory of the Pacific has been a French colony since 1853, and was re-registered in 1986 by the United Nations on the list of non-autonomous territories to be decolonized. The Kanaks (...)
Wednesday 29 November
Jan Malewski
“A new actor is emerging as a promoter of mobilizations supporting independence movements, but leading more direct actions, such as the occupations of public spaces and blockades of communications. [1] So the Catalan press analysed the mobilizations of thousands of “citizens” after they mounted (...)
Tuesday 28 November
Joseph Daher
Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Hariri recently threatened to resign and bring down the government, opening a new period of instability in a country that has recently had a sustained but fragile peace. In the weeks since the initial announcement, Hariri has reversed himself and now promises to (...)
Monday 27 November
Firoze Manji
This article was written for the October issue of Amandla, so before the second Presendential election was scheduled for October 17. This was then postponed to October 26. Odinga announced that he was withdrawing on October 10 - seemingly in the hope that the October elections, in which he had (...)
Sunday 26 November
Omar Hassan
Tensions in Lebanon are escalating once again as Saudi Arabia threatens to open up yet another front in its cold war with Iran. The trigger for the latest crisis was the resignation of prime minister Saad Hariri, who has been the Saudi's main representative since the assassination of his father (...)
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