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Thursday 8 March
Peter Drucker
The big question surrounding the centenary of the October Revolution: Is this event a hundred years ago still relevant for the left today? - 3. Sexual politics / Women, LGBT, Historical events, Sexual politics
Thursday 8 March
Dianne Feeley
These two books about reproductive politics present contrasting situations. Health Policy in a Time of Crisis is focused, detailing how women are able to access publicly funded abortion in Catalunya [the region in Spain seeking its independence]. Politics, however, impinges on that story as (...)
Thursday 8 March
Alice Ragland
Domestic Worker Organizers, 1960s-1970s In the mid-to-late 20th century, while the Civil Rights movement was well under way, Black domestic workers spearheaded a movement of their own. Dorothy Bolden, Geraldine Roberts, Josephine Hulett and other African-American household laborers fought for (...)
Thursday 8 March
Against the Current Editors
In recognition of International Women's Day, Against the Current takes the opportunity to honor some of the heroic women fighters of the present and recent past. Obviously this is only a small list that symbolizes much larger movements of resistance. We cite them here both for their own (...)
Thursday 8 March
Sara Farris
"The struggle for gender justice has always been and remains today crucial for the struggle for labour and social justice in general" - Sara Farris - IV518 - March 2018
Thursday 8 March
Julia Camara, Vivi Arana
“It would be a shame if we go to the streets all happy and then return home and do not combine this moment with the construction of something different.” - Silvia Federici - IV518 - March 2018 / Spanish state, Women, Youth and student (...)
Wednesday 7 March
Irfan Zamzami
The central government of Indonesia has repeatedly announced its intention to universalise access to clean water by 2019. To achieve this, an estimated 27 million new connections are needed, with a major investment gap of IDR 274.8 trillion (US$20.8 billion). - IV518 - March 2018 / (...)
Tuesday 6 March
Jodie Dean
As the organizers of the International Women's Strike (IWS) have declared, March 8, 2018 will be “a day of feminism for the 99 percent.” One year ago to the day, International Women's Day, women and their allies around the globe participated in the first International Women's Strike, which was (...)
Tuesday 6 March
The importance of the formation of the CIG (Concejo Indígena de Gobierno – Indigenous Council of Government) and the campaign of its spokesperson, Marichuy, to register as an independent presidential candidacy goes beyond an electoral campaign. - IV518 - March 2018 / (...)
Tuesday 6 March
The Myanmar military junta has been operating ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya people living in its Arakan province for a long time. [1] However, since August 2017 it has waged genocide against the Rohingya which has provoked massive migration to Bangladesh and to other countries as well. - 2. (...)
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