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Monday 29 July
Andy Kilmister
Decolonial Communism, Democracy and the Commons, by Catherine Samary, with contributions from Samuel Farber, Silvia Federici, Franck Gaudichaud, Zagorska Golubovic, Ernest Mandel, Goran Markovic, Svetozar Stojanovic and Raquel Varela. Pub. Resistance Books/IIRE/Merlin Press, 2019. - 7. Reviews (...)
Monday 29 July
Badrul Alam
Over last 3 weeks Bangladesh is experiencing terrible flash flood in the north, northwestern, and northeastern parts of the country. Around 22 districts out of 64 are affected by the flood ravaging. Various river flows by 130 cm over the danger levels. As a result, vast areas were inundated by (...)
Sunday 28 July
Alan Davies
Theresa May resigned as leader of the Tory Party on June 7 having failed to win majority support in the British parliament for the agreement she had negotiated with the other EU member states on the terms of Britain's withdrawal. The Tory party subsequently carried out an election for a new (...)
Saturday 27 July
Wissem Zizi
This interview with Algerian activist Wissem Zizi was translated and published by Al-Muzāharāt. - IV534 - July 2019 / Women, Algeria
Friday 26 July
Uraz Aydin
Challenged by the victory of a unified opposition in the municipality of Istanbul and splinter movements in his own party, President Erdogan is now facing a major crisis in his relations with the United States. - IV534 - July 2019 / (...)
Thursday 25 July
Wissem and Lemnouar
Football has always played a role in the working class neighbourhoods of Algeria. The victory at the CAN (Coupe Afrique des Nations) is an encouragement for the people, who see it as a hope for Algeria. - IV534 - July 2019 / (...)
Thursday 25 July
Julien Salingue
Steve Maia Caniço is a 24-year-old man who has been missing since 21 June following a violent police charge during the annual Fête de la Musique in Nantes. More than a month has passed, and the question remains: where is Steve? This was the question asked, in particular, by hundreds of people, (...)
Thursday 25 July
Brendan O'Connor, Cinzia Arruzza
On Wednesday 12 May, 25,000 teachers in Oregon walked off their jobs, shutting down at least 600 schools across the state as part of a campaign for smaller class sizes, more nurses and guidance counselors, and better funding for public education (paid for by taxing the rich). - 3. Women / USA, (...)
Wednesday 24 July
We express our solidarity with the people of Puerto Rico in their struggle against the corrupt government of Governor Ricardo Rosselló. Friday [19 July] marked seven days of massive protests demanding the resignation of the governor and his associates. Despite tear gas attacks, rubber bullets, (...)
Tuesday 23 July
Messaoud Romdhani
In the aftermath of what has often been referred to as the "Arab Spring", the European Union (EU) gave much more attention to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region, especially to Tunisia, where the democratic transition was more likely to bring about hope, as its peaceful political (...)
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