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Monday 25 June
Against the Current Editors
Below we publish two pieces on the Singapore summit from comrades in Solidarity in the United States. The first is the editorial in the next issue of their magazine Against the Current, which went to press before the summit itself. The second from David Finkel, was written afterwards. - IV521 - (...)
Monday 25 June
K Mann
Even Trump had to back down. The heartbreaking images and audio recordings of migrant Mexican and Central American children being separated from their parents after having been arrested crossing the U.S.-Mexican border, and the chorus of bipartisan complaints, made continuing the policy of (...)
Sunday 24 June
Pierre Rousset
Relations between Washington et Pyongyang were radically modified during the Singapore summit of 12 June 2018, and it is good news. The dominant tone of the “serious” US and British press and the English language regional press was completely different. For the first, the Singapore summit was a (...)
Saturday 23 June
Dan La Botz
At this moment, the government of President Daniel Ortega and his party, the Sandinista Front for National Liberation (FSLN or Sandinistas), face a popular rebellion from below on a national scale. We look here at the origins of this rebellion, at the alternatives facing it, and at the (...)
Friday 22 June
Joseph Daher
Recent elections in Iraq show that the country's voters are tired of a political system that produces only corruption and inequality. - IV521 - June 2018 / Iraq
Thursday 21 June
Nadir Dendoune
Three hundred days. Salah Hamouri, a French-Palestinian lawyer, has been arbitrarily detained in Israel for 300 days. "A few days before the end of his sentence, we have no guarantee that he will be released, as the extension of the sentence is still to be feared. The French State must finally (...)
Thursday 21 June
Awami Workers' Party
As Pakistan heads toward a general election in July, cynicism about the mainstream political sphere is rife. Attempts by unelected institutions to subvert the democratic process are playing out in full public view, censorship and attacks on press freedom have escalated and personal attacks (...)
Wednesday 20 June
Josep María Antentas
Understanding the Spanish 68 requires an understanding of the rise of anti-Francoism in the previous years and its evolution after the state of exception declared in January 1969. - 4. Features / Spanish state, 1968
Wednesday 20 June
Tomas Andino Mencia
The world has been surprised by an impressive popular mobilization in Nicaragua, mainly of youth, which began in opposition to reforms to the social security system, but which has evolved to demand the resignation of the government. Its cost is tragic: dozens of dead, injured and detained, (...)
Tuesday 19 June
Sami Adouani and Saïd Ben Sedrine
In the wake of the collapse of the dictatorship in Tunisia, the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) constituted a key player in ensuring the country stayed on track for a peaceful transition to democracy. This article is intended as a guide facilitating better understanding of the UGTT's power (...)
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