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Friday 7 June
Mahmoud Rachedi
Mahmoud Rechidi is the general secretary of the Parti socialiste des travailleurs (PST – Socialist Workers' Party). He was interviewed on April 18, 2019 by Mohand Aziri and this interview was first published on May 4, 2019 [in the daily newspaper El Watan. - IV533 - June 2019 / Algeria, Arab (...)
Thursday 6 June
Miriam Scharf , Irang Bak
A general strike has brought Khartoum and all major cities and ports in Sudan to a standstill in response to a deadly rampage by pro-regime militias, the army and security forces, Sudanese trade unionists and community leaders in the UK told a press conference yesterday. The Transitional (...)
Wednesday 5 June
Hocine Belalloufi
Hocine Belalloufi is a journalist and a member of the Parti socialiste des travailleurs (PST – Socialist Workers' Party, Algerian section of the Fourth International). This interview with fellow journalist Kamel Lakhdar-Chaouche was published in the Algerian daily newspaper l'Expression on April (...)
Tuesday 4 June
Sudanese military and militia forces are attacking the sit-in outside the Army Command in Khartoum, where thousands of protesters have gathered since 6 April to demand a peaceful transition to civilian rule, the Sudanese Professionals Association said in a statement this morning, killing and (...)
Monday 3 June
Girls at Dhabas, The Feminist Collective, Women Democratic Front, Womens Action Forum Hyderabad, Womens Action Forum Islamabad, Womens Action Forum Karachi, Womens Action Forum Lahore, Womens Action Forum Peshawar, Womens Action Forum Quetta, Womens Collective Pakistan
We, as feminists who uphold the peaceful resolution of conflict, stand in solidarity with the Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) in their struggle for fundamental rights. We condemn the violence that took place on May 26th in the Khar Qamar area of North Waziristan in which 13 civilians were (...)
Monday 3 June
Nadir Djermoune
On its 13th Friday of mobilization, the popular movement that Algeria has been witnessing since February 22, 2019 confirmed its serene and peaceful demand for a fundamental and radical change in the system of political governance. This demand is accompanied by questions of a theoretical and (...)
Sunday 2 June
Revolutionary Socialists of Eygpt
The great Sudanese revolution has arrived at the crossroads reached by every revolution in the modern era. Are the masses simply removing the head of the regime, or tearing it up by its roots? - IV533 - June 2019 / Arab Revolutions, (...)
Sunday 2 June
Pierre Rousset
Ali Wazeer, MP, is a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan. He lives in a province bordering Afghanistan. His family was decimated by the Taliban. Today he is one of the main leaders of the PTM, the Pashtun Defense Movement. - 2. News from around the world / (...)
Saturday 1 June
Farooq Tariq
Yesterday was an explosive day at the national parliament. Bilawal Bhutto, son of Benazhir Bhutto who heads the Pakistan Peoples Party had written a two-page letter addressed to the speaker of the Assembly to order for the production of Ali Wazeer, from jail to the National Parliament on (...)
Saturday 1 June
Ashley Smith, Gilbert Achcar
The recent uprisings in Sudan and Algeria show that the conditions that gave rise to the Arab Spring are not going away. But movements against authoritarianism and exploitation still face existential threats. - IV533 - June 2019 / Algeria, Libya, Arab Revolutions, (...)
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