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Monday 22 October
Pierre Rousset
For Beijing, the era in which the European powers shaped the world was only a parenthesis before the story returns to its "normal", Sinocentric course. China has become the second world power. Chinese geopolitics, however, has entered a phase of adaptation to an uncertain world. - IV525 - (...)
Sunday 21 October
Viera Hudečková
An article by Viera Hudečková based on an intervention made at The International Conference “Another EU is necessary and possible” organised by the Party of the European Left on the 12th of May 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria. - IV525 - October 2018 / Czech Republic, European (...)
Sunday 21 October
Martin Hart-Landsberg
China's growth rate remains impressive, even if on the decline. The country's continuing economic gains owe much to the Chinese state's (1) still considerable ability to direct the activity of critical economic enterprises and sectors such as finance, (2) commitment to policies of economic (...)
Sunday 21 October
So Yun Alysha Park
In response to high-profile accusations of sexual assault and the gathering storm around the prevelance of spy cam footage in the Korean porn industry, the past year has seen a snowballing women's movement in the traditionally conservative Korean society. In this article, So Yun Alysha Park (...)
Saturday 20 October
Yu Chunsen
After four decades of rural-to-urban migration, the class identity of more than 280 million rural migrant workers in China remains ambiguous. Many scholars have attempted to capture the transformation of their identity from ‘peasants' to ‘workers' by resorting to such labels as ‘new industrial (...)
Saturday 20 October
Monique Dols
One year after Hurricane María, Monique Dols looks back at the suffering endured by the people of Puerto Rico — and at their determination to fight for their island. - IV525 - October 2018 / Puerto Rico
Friday 19 October
Arthur Nicola, Laurent Ripart, Léon Crémieux, Michael Löwy, Penelope Duggan
This ensemble of articles was originally published as a centre-spread in l'Anticapitaliste weekly newspaper of the NPA in France. - 4. Features / Marxism, Fourth International
Friday 19 October
Łukasz Ługowski
Thirty years of neoliberal domination, culminating in the economic crisis that began in 2008, have resulted in the introduction of charges for public service throughout Europe, particularly for education and health services. But this is not the case in all public services. In recent years there (...)
Thursday 18 October
Cheron Moretti
"Crises" are no longer the exclusive preserve of the countries of the South, but they do not translate into convergence between them either. Since 2007, we have been experiencing the economic aspect of the crisis, linked to that of the environment and politics. From now on, the extent of (...)
Wednesday 17 October
Nadia De Mond
RiMaflow is located in the declining industrial belt around Milan, in Trezzano sul Naviglio. "Ri" (re-) because it was the workers of the former metal factory Maflow who restarted it after its last owner, Boryszew SA, relocated its activity in 2012. - IV525 - October 2018 / (...)
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