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Wednesday 6 March
On 6 March, the small and independent Swedish Dockworkers Union were planning to take all out strike action in response to the very aggressive anti union strategy of the Swedish harbour employers organisation. The dockworkers have been up against, not only the employers, but also the (...)
Wednesday 6 March
Laia Facet
In 2016 Polish feminists went on a feminist strike to defend the decriminalization of abortion and in defense of reproductive rights; months later the Argentines stopped the country in protest against femicides and went on to call months later for the first international women's strike. The (...)
Wednesday 6 March
On 25 February 2019, the International Court of Justice at The Hague found that Britain had acted unlawfully in its decolonization of Mauritius. It found that the excision of part of Mauritius, the Chagos Archipelago including Diego Garcia which the UK then sub-let to the US military, was (...)
Tuesday 5 March
Against the Current Editors
“Security” becomes the catchword of the moment. Donald Trump's “big, beautiful wall” will, or won't, enhance border protections from drugs, trafficking, and all manner of brown people with or without prayer rugs. The threat of repeated government shutdowns might end when the two houses of Congress (...)
Monday 4 March
From midnight on March 6, Swedish dock workers will take all out-strike action after a major assault by the Ports of Sweden who falsely claim that the union broke off negotiations, in order to try and undercut popular support. - 2. News from around the world / Sweden, Trade (...)
Monday 4 March
PST - Socialist Workers Party of Algeria
The gigantic popular mobilizations of these last ten days that have shaken the authoritarian power of Bouteflika, have not been enough to make him give up a 5th mandate. - 2. News from around the world / Algeria
Monday 4 March
Lal Khan
Ever since the bloody partition of the South Asian sub-continent in 1947, the endless history of hostility between India and Pakistan has been a curse for the oppressed masses. Periodically, either one of the two regimes turns this mutual hostility into episodes of acute confrontation — mainly (...)
Sunday 3 March
Charlie Post
Marxism has had a difficult relationship with non-class oppressions like gender and race. For most, historical materialism is “race” and “gender-blind,” providing an explanation of only class exploitation. Those working in our tradition have either reduced race or gender to capitalist manipulation (...)
Sunday 3 March
Joint statement by 1- Jammu Kashmir Awami Workers Party 2- Radical Socialist (India) 3- Pakistan Trade Unions Defense Campaign 4- Haqooq Khalq Movement Pakistan (Peoples Rights Movement) - IV530 - March 2019 / Pakistan, India, (...)
Sunday 3 March
Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation
Dear people and oppressed nationalities and working class of the Subcontinent, We are facing terrible times here in Kashmir. The line of Control (LoC) once again converted into a living hell by both states, India and Pakistan. After Pulwama attack, India advanced its military in the Jammu (...)
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