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Monday 5 November
Solidarity Steering Committee
There's a lot to be said about the caravan of Central American refugees, hundreds of miles from the U.S. border as they struggle through southern Mexico in hopes of achieving asylum in the United States. Here we will only touch on some of the most basic facts. - IV526 - November 2018 / USA, (...)
Sunday 4 November
Dan La Botz
Thousands of Google employees throughout the United States and around the world walked off their jobs yesterday, Nov. 1, “to protest sexual harassment, misconduct, lack of transparency, and a workplace that doesn't work for everyone.” Beginning in Singapore and working its way around the globe (...)
Saturday 27 October
Aldo Cordeiro Sauda, Benjamin Fogel
Establishment outlets like the Economist insist the Brazilian military is a moderating influence on the far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro. But precisely the opposite is true. - IV525 - October 2018 / Brazil
Friday 26 October
Ernesto Herrera
July 2018, Havana. On the podium of Heads of State: Miguel Díaz Canal, Raúl Castro (President-Elect and President of Cuba), Nicolás Maduro (Venezuela), Evo Morales (Bolivia), Salvador Sánchez Cerén (El Salvador) opened the sessions of the XXIV São Paulo Forum (SPF), the annual summit of Latin (...)
Thursday 25 October
Paweł Szelegieniec
On the second anniversary of the massive protests that defeated an ultra-reactionary abortion law in Poland, an indepth analysis of how this movement came about. - IV525 - October 2018 / Poland, Women
Wednesday 24 October
Fabian Wagner
On a hot November evening last year [2017], I found myself in the middle of a bizarre, otherworldly scene in the economic capital of the Ivory Coast, Abidjan. On a small stage set up at a local stadium, Ivorian football star Didier Drogba was urging hundreds of local youth to chant, "I promise (...)
Tuesday 23 October
Paul Martial
The object of fantasies, polemics and academic theses, China's presence in Africa raises many questions. - IV525 - October 2018 / Africa, China
Monday 22 October
Au Loong-Yu
Chinese global aspirations can be seen in the country's expanding investments abroad. A trade war with the United States may have devastating consequences. - IV525 - October 2018 / USA, China
Monday 22 October
Penelope Duggan
This is an important year for the Fourth International – eighty years since its foundation. A short account is published here September 1938 - the founding of the Fourth International and we continue the appeal to help us fund the translation of Livio Maitan's history of the Fourth International (...)
Monday 22 October
Kostas Kousiantas, Pantelis Afthinos
This article was written after the bombing of Syrian military installations carried out by US, UK and French military forces on April 14th 2018 and before the attack by the Assad regime against Dara'a began. - 4. Features / USA, Greece, Syria, Russia, (...)
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