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Sunday 10 December
This article from Jacobin was published on 12 December 2015, that is during the republican primaries in the run up to the 2016 Presidential elections. - Fascism / USA, Far Right, Debate section
Sunday 10 December
Enzo Traverso
In Les Nouveaux Visages du fascisme, Enzo Traverso and Régis Meyran discuss the continuities and discontinuities between the fascist movements of the twentieth century and the "post-fascist" far right of today. Olivier Doubre spoke with Traverso for the 16-22 February 2017 edition of Politis. (...)
Sunday 10 December
Alexandre Afonso, Line Rennwald
The European far right has cynically appropriated left-wing and pro-worker talking points for its own purposes. - Fascism / Europe, Economy, Far Right, Debate section
Sunday 10 December
Jim Wolfreys
The FN's new image doesn't mean the far-right party had a change of heart — it means the mainstream has accepted its program. - Fascism / France, Far Right, Debate section
Sunday 10 December
Daniel Albarracín
Since Evo Morales came to power in 2006, Bolivian society has changed substantially. He has developed a model of Andean-Amazonian capitalism based on greater state intervention. He took hydrocarbons into the public sector and nationalized the latifundios. He has made possible a significant (...)
Saturday 9 December
Solidarity Steering Committee
If there was any “Israel-Palestine peace process,” Donald Trump torched it with his December 6 announcement recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the transfer of the U.S. embassy to that bitterly contested city. But there are two more important underlying realities. - IV515 - (...)
Friday 8 December
Julia Camara
“The socialism that we fight for has to do with how we understand and develop our political activity. It also has to do with the development of women's concrete struggles in defence of their immediate interests, the development of feminist consciousness among women and society as a whole. The (...)
Thursday 7 December
Tadashi Kinoshita
It has been 72 years since the Korean people defeated the colonial rule of Japanese imperialism. But what resulted was the divide between North and South Korea instead of a unified state. - IV515 - December 2017 / South Korea, Japan, North (...)
Wednesday 6 December
Virginia de la Siega
The situation in Argentina has some similarities with that in France, with the two formations that had been the pillars of bourgeois bipartisanship for decades having fallen apart experiencing a deep crisis. “Cambiemos” (“We Change”), heir to the alliance that President Mauricio Macri created from (...)
Wednesday 6 December
Nadir Touati
For the third consecutive time, since the local elections in 2007, the PST cam out on top in the commune of Barbacha Thursday 23 November, with 1,483 votes, ahead of the FFS [1] with 1,312 votes, which was close behind but did not manage to win back control of the APC (Communal Popular (...)
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