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Wednesday 4 July
Guney Işıkara, Alp Kayserilioğlu, & Max Zirngast
Erdoğan might have triumphed in the Turkish elections, but there are still glimmers of hope amid the despotism and repression. - IV522 - July 2018 / Turkey
Tuesday 3 July
Claudio Katz
It was always clear that Argentine president Mauricio Macri governed for the rich and that his economic model would lead to a great crisis. The first affirmation was corroborated by the regressive redistribution of income perpetrated by his government over the last two years. The second has (...)
Monday 2 July
Awami Workers' Party
There is a common perception in Pakistan that politics is only for the powerful, and that money, clout and deceit reflect “success” in politics. The Awami Workers Party, on the other hand, believes that a politics based on a progressive vision of society is not only possible but utterly (...)
Sunday 1 July
Adriano Campos, Jorge Costa , Maria Manuel Rola
In this short contribution we discuss the conditions for the Portuguese “non-model”, since the circumstances are so peculiar that no generalization is possible, and explore the experience of the Left Bloc during the two and half years of the government that replaced the right-wing troika (...)
Saturday 30 June
Malik Miah
In a sinister development, the FBI is targeting Black Lives Matters and what Justice Department head Jeff Sessions calls “Black identity” extremists. It has the looks of a new COINTELPRO (“Counter Intelligence Program”), the infamous secret program directed by J. Edgar Hoover to infiltrate and (...)
Friday 29 June
Éric Toussaint
In June 2018, Argentina signed a loan agreement with the IMF. We therefore republish a useful excerpt of an interview given by Eric Toussaint to Maud Bailly in 2014, which focuses on the process of the Argentine debt restructuring in the wake of the country's suspension of debt payments between (...)
Friday 29 June
PRT, Mexico
Mexico's July 1 elections will take place amid a profound crisis unfolding across Mexico. With voters deeply alienated by the alliance of Mexico's two main pro-business parties, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the National Action Party (PAN), the question of what the country's (...)
Wednesday 27 June
Mary N. Taylor , Attila Szőcs, Devlin Kuyek, Fábio Pitta
On the occasion of the publication of the report Transnational Corporations and Land speculation in Brazil by Rede Social de Justiça e Direitos Humanos (Network for Social Justice and Human Rights), Mary Taylor of LeftEast spoke with Fábio Pitta, Devlin Kuyek and Attila Szőcs about the broader (...)
Tuesday 26 June
Josep María Antentas
Does the fall of Rajoy open up a new political cycle in the Spanish state? Can Sánchez stabilize the political situation? What will be the attitude of Ciudadanos, which has become the first option of the ruling classes? What role could Podemos play in this new situation? - IV521 - June 2018 / (...)
Tuesday 26 June
Éric Toussaint
Eric Toussaint interviewed by Marie Brette for TV5 Monde - IV521 - June 2018 / Greece, Economy, Debt
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