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Wednesday 14 March
A contribution by Tito Prado member of the National Committee of MNP (Movimiento Nuevo Peru and Sumate, Israel Dutra International Secretary of PSOL and National Committee of MES, Roberto Robaina, Council in Porto Alegre, National Committee of PSOL and MES, Pedro Fuentes former International (...)
Wednesday 14 March
A contribution by Christian V. (IC France, NPA), Joseph D. (SolidaritésS Suisse). - Pre-Congress discussion, 17th World Congress / Fourth International, Arab Revolutions, Pre-congress 17th World Congress
Wednesday 14 March
A contribution to the discussion by Communia, Italy. - Pre-Congress discussion, 17th World Congress / Fourth International, Pre-congress 17th World Congress
Tuesday 13 March
Fourth International Bureau
The cycle of women's mass mobilizations opened in recent years has kept its dynamic and organized once again an international women's strike this 8 March in more than fifty countries from Argentina, to Italy, from France to the United States, from Brazil to Britain from Iceland to Iran, as well (...)
Tuesday 13 March
Daniel Albarracín
The European Union, after several serious economic, geopolitical and institutional upheavals, whose consequences are not at an end, and after a period of blockade and paralysis, may be moving to a new phase of revision of its model of economic governance. The institutional paralysis of the EU, (...)
Monday 12 March
Houshang Sepehr
In the history books of modern Iran, the first week of January 2018, which saw a wave of popular uprisings in many cities across the country, will be recorded as a new historical milestone. A turning point after which the Iranian political scene was no longer the same. - IV518 - March 2018 / (...)
Monday 12 March
We protest placing the FIFA 2018 fan zone in a University district. The only official fan zone for the FIFA World Cup in Moscow is to be placed next to the Moscow State University. This placement will damage the University. We demand to move it away from the University district. - 2. News from (...)
Sunday 11 March
Peter Dolack
A year ago at the World Economic Forum, China's president, Xi Jinping, won plaudits from Davos elites for his commitment to open trade. Of course, because China's economy is heavily dependent on exports, so-called “free trade” is in its interest, so President Xi's stand was no surprise. - IV518 - (...)
Saturday 10 March
Phil Hearse
In the middle of the harshest winter for more than a decade, Britain finds itself still gripped by the icy fingers of neoliberal austerity. Both the health service (NHS) and local government stagger from crisis to crisis, as savage spending cuts by Theresa May's Conservative government make the (...)
Friday 9 March
Pierre Rousset
As the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang take place, the Korean peninsula is experiencing a moment of détente whose consequences cannot be predicted, but which has already changed the geopolitical situation and sheds new light on the way in which the question of reunification is posed. - IV518 - (...)
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