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Monday 18 March
Japhet Moyo
The economic outlook of post-independence Zimbabwe resembles a fading cloth: with each wash it has lost its lustre, and as time goes on it threatens to disintegrate into a rag. After inheriting a sound economy – albeit one with deep socio-economic disparities – on gaining independence in 1980, (...)
Saturday 16 March
Boduerae Kwon
March 1 2019 marked 100 years since the March 1st Movement began in Korea, a movement that helped to coalesce the burgeoning Korean resistance to Japanese colonial rule. In this article, Boduerae Kwon places the movement in the context of national liberation struggles of the years after the (...)
Friday 15 March
Farooq Tariq
Land distribution in Pakistan is highly unequal as five percent large landholders possess 64 percent of total farm land and 65 percent small farmers hold 15 percent of such land. - IV530 - March 2019 / Pakistan
Thursday 14 March
Badrul Alam
The local government election is an important factor in Bangladesh. It takes place every five years. However, it does not take place at the same time. - IV530 - March 2019 / Bangladesh
Wednesday 13 March
PST - Socialist Workers Party of Algeria
The popular movement has just registered a first moral victory by forcing the regime to abandon the 5th term and to cancel the elections of April 18, so much denounced by the people. - 2. News from around the world / Algeria
Wednesday 13 March
Fourth International
This 14 March 2019 marks a year since the brutal and planned political assassination of Marielle Franco and her driver Anderson Gomes. - IV530 - March 2019 / Brazil, Fourth International, Women, Anti-racism
Tuesday 12 March
Fourth International
1. Once again, the ruling classes of India and Pakistan are on the brink of war. The Pulwama attack has given them both the occasion to beat the drums of war, and to engage in hostile actions against each-other. Already, dozens of lives have been lost. - IV530 - March 2019 / Fourth (...)
Monday 11 March
Robert Bartlett
Last December 4th educators at the Acero charter chain in Chicago became the first charter teachers in the country to go on strike. This was both stunning to the charter industry, which was created in part to avoid the inconvenience of unionized educators, and revelatory to educators across the (...)
Monday 11 March
Fourth International
In one more of his war-media machinations in the service of the great U.S. capital, Donald Trump is using the new political balance of forces in Latin America – where the pendulum has turned to the right – to take his most enthusiastic puppets, Duque, of Colombia, and Bolsonaro, of Brazil, to (...)
Sunday 10 March
Uraz Aydin
Hats with the inscription “Turkish” in runic letters, wolf head tattoos – a rallying sign of ultra-nationalism – pendants and bracelets in the shape of a swastika openly sold on the street. The symbols of a nationalism of ethnicist and racist inspiration are in vogue especially among urban and (...)
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