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Saturday 20 January
Mehmet Erman Erol
The AKP (Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi-Justice and Development Party) is celebrating 15 years in power in Turkey. The party came to power in November 2002, against the backdrop of the major 2001 crisis and amidst a legitimacy crisis of the then mainstream political parties stemming from the (...)
Friday 19 January
Joachim Becker
The new government of the ÖVP (Austrian People's Party) and FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria) in Austria opens the way towards radicalised neo-liberal economic and social policies. As in some other EU countries, such as Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark and Finland, a traditional liberal-conservative party (...)
Thursday 18 January
Ted Hamilton
The veteran guerilla fighter and activist on the native groups at the vanguard against climate change. - IV516 - January 2018 / Ecology and the Environment, Peru, Mexico, Climate, Ecosocialism
Wednesday 17 January
Keith Mann
Trump's latest racist rant during a horse trading session with congressional leaders from both parties about the fate of the DACA program, has been widely denounced as an escalation of his racist discourse. Even before his latest comments, Trump demonstrated his contempt for the people of (...)
Tuesday 16 January
Jan Malewski
István Mészáros, an outstanding Hungarian Marxist philosopher, died on October 1st 2017 in London. [1] Born in Budapest in 1930 into a working-class family, brought up by his mother, he began working in industry at the age of twelve. He actually lied about his age, claiming to be sixteen, in order (...)
Tuesday 16 January
István Mészáros
István Mészáros is author of Socialism or Barbarism: From the “American Century” to the Crossroads (Monthly Review Press, 2001) and Beyond Capital: Toward a Theory of Transition) (Monthly Review Press, 1995). This essay is excerpted from his book, The Challenge and Burden of Historical Time: (...)
Tuesday 16 January
Daniel Singer
Since the collapse of the Berlin wall and the Soviet Union, many on the left seem to have swallowed the idea that there is no alternative to capitalism. Debate has been limited to what can (or rather cannot) be achieved within its confines. Here is a powerful book with the opposite message: (...)
Tuesday 16 January
Gabriela Mitidieri
In recent weeks, the Argentine political climate has seemed to experience convulsions like never before. A pension reform project proposed by the neoliberal government of Mauricio Macri has been approved with difficulty by parliament. This measure is part of a set of adjustment policies pushed (...)
Monday 15 January
Benjamin Fogel
Former trade union leader turned billionaire Cyril Ramaphosa has been elected president of the African National Congress (ANC). In a historic electoral conference, he defeated his rival, Dr. Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma (NDZ) — medical doctor, former African Union president, and current (...)
Sunday 14 January
Alliance of Middle Eastern Socialists
Since December 28, 2017, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been shaken by a wave of social protests unprecedented since the 2009 Green Movement. The protests first erupted in Mashhad, a holy city and Iran's second largest city near the northeastern border. Protesters opposed the rise in prices (...)
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