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Sunday 15 July
Nancy Holmstrom
Last fall 15,000 scientists issued a second dire notice to humanity that we are on a collision course with the limits of our planet. They concluded, “To prevent widespread misery, humanity must practice a more environmentally sustainable alternative to business as usual,” including (...)
Thursday 12 July
Lois Weiner
Like the Arab Spring, the U.S. “education Spring,” was an explosive wave of protests. State-wide teacher walkouts seemed to arise out of nowhere, organized in Facebook groups, with demands for increased school funding and political voice for teachers. Though the walkouts confounded national media (...)
Wednesday 11 July
Peter Drucker
Review of David Camfield, We Can Do Better: Ideas for Changing Society, Halifax & Winnipeg: Fernwood Publishing, 2017, 168 pp., $25 Canadian - 7. Reviews section / Marxism, Reviews
Wednesday 11 July
Fadi Abu Shammalah, Jen Marlowe
New coalitions of women are shaping the future of activism and gender equality in the Gaza Strip. - IV522 - July 2018 / Palestine
Tuesday 10 July
Božidar Kolar, Jaša Veselinovič , Matej Križanec, Tonja Jerele
The far right won elections this month in Slovenia. Can the Left mount a challenge? - IV522 - July 2018 / Hungary, Slovenia
Monday 9 July
Aman Madan
South Asian workers in the Middle East are systematically dehumanised and othered in a society where whiteness is considered the ideal. - IV522 - July 2018 / India, Migration, Lebanon
Saturday 7 July
Rossen Djagalov
The latest wave of confrontation between Russia and the West—from the Skripal affair and the following diplomat expulsions and sanctions on Russia to the gassing of Douma residents most likely perpetrated by the Assad regime and the resulting US-UK-French bombing raids on Syria–rarely left the (...)
Friday 6 July
Sosyalist Demokrasi icin Yeniyol
The elections held on 24 June in Turkey confirmed the one-man rule of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and caused more disappointment than the previous ones. Several factors had created a wave of hope amongst supporters of the broader opposition parties that the ruling party would do less well this time. - (...)
Friday 6 July
Martin Hvidt
After years of campaigning by women activists, on June 24 the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia will be lifted. It is the most visible of a bundle of recent initiatives taken by the Saudi king and the crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman, to strengthen the role of women in Saudi society. [1] - (...)
Thursday 5 July
Luis Rangel
Around 11 pm on July 1, 2018, after an election day that had kept the country holding its breath, Lorenzo Córdova (the President of Mexico's National Electoral Institute) announced, confirmed, a trend that could only have been overcome with an ignominious electoral fraud of unprecedented (...)
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