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Monday 17 September
David Grosser
In 2009, twenty years after the negotiated end to a brutal civil war, the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN), former guerrillas turned left political party, finally won the presidency of El Salvador, defeating ARENA, the far rightists who had made the country a showcase of (...)
Sunday 16 September
Lone Degn, Ulf B. Andersson
Mick Woods, a comrade from Britain who had lived in Denmark for more than twenty years, died at the too young age of 64 in July. But its not only in Britain and Denmark that Mick is mourned - the proudest achievement of his political life was his involvement in International Workers' Aid, a (...)
Sunday 16 September
Joseph Daher
The regime of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad is threatening to carry out a massive assault on the province of Idlib, including a potential chemical weapons attack, in a bid to crush one of the last strongholds of opposition. Such an assault would have a potentially devastating impact on (...)
Saturday 15 September
Manuel Kellner
As spokesperson for the Die Linke party in the Bundestag (with Dietmar Bartsch), Sahra Wagenknecht comes from the anti-capitalist left of the party and has long been its most popular representative. With her husband Oskar Lafontaine – both with high media profiles – she has been involved for some (...)
Thursday 13 September
An absolutely riveting case was before the United Nation's court, the International Court of Justice at The Hague, last week. How could a court case 50 years after the events, in what is usually the dry legalistic argumentation of the most arcane kind about international law, be “riveting” by (...)
Wednesday 12 September
Kjell Östberg
The outcome of the Swedish parliamentary election on 9 September confirms a general European trend: rising rightwing populism and a weakening Social Democracy. The traditional picture of Sweden as the home of a progressive social democratic welfare state has been fading away for several decades (...)
Tuesday 11 September
Carolina Olmedo Carrasco
In the space of less than a month, the Chilean feminist mobilization has installed and stimulated an intense public debate about the role and potential of feminism today in the refounding of a left for the 21st Century. This is undoubtedly a major experience of systemic projection and (...)
Monday 10 September
Neha Simlai
I reached out for my copy of Willem Van Schendel's A History of Bangladesh on Wednesday last week, almost two weeks after the beginning of the student-led protests against unauthorised vehicles and unlicensed drivers on the roads of Dhaka and other parts of Bangladesh. As I tried to make sense (...)
Sunday 9 September
Radical Socialist
Radical Socialist welcomes the Indian Supreme Court's verdict on Section 377 IPC. This is an important victory for the LGBTIQH community in India. We do not see the victory as a gift from the judiciary, but as the result of decades of battles, on the ground, in grassroots organising, as well as (...)
Saturday 8 September
Teresa Rodriguez
For Teresa Rodriguez, the last few weeks [interview originally published 20 July 2018] have been ones of intense activity: presentation of the project “Adelante Andalucía” in different provinces, primary elections within Podemos Andalusia which finally confirmed her as the leader of this formation (...)
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