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Saturday 17 August
Alan Davies
With Parliament neutralised by the summer recess, battle lines are being drawn for the biggest constitutional crisis in modern times when it comes back next month. With his ‘War Cabinet' rammed with hard-line Brexiteers, and with Nigel Farage looking over his shoulder, Johnson is on a (...)
Friday 16 August
Ella Wind, Niall Reddy, Nuha Zein
On August 4, 2019, the Sudanese military council signed an agreement with Freedom and Change, a body representing the country's mass protest movement. The agreement establishes the structures and powers of a transitional government that will lead the country out of almost three decades of (...)
Friday 16 August
Gus Fagan
Was Marx an ecologist and does Marx's theory offer a coherent theoretical and practical approach for ecologists in the 21st century? The publication, in the original language (mostly German), of Marx's excerpts and notes on ecology from the mid-1860s may help to answer that question. - 7. (...)
Thursday 15 August
Francisco Louçã
In Portugal there is an old, very old, popular saying, that “from Spain, there is neither good wind, nor good marriage”. Readers living in the Spanish state will, as I hope, understand the existence of some caution based on the history and popular perceptions of the only Iberian nationality that (...)
Wednesday 14 August
Ammar Ali Jan
Modi's decision to revoke Article 35-A and Article 370 of the Indian constitution has fulfilled one of the cornerstones of Hindutva ideology – the forceful assimilation of Kashmir. The audacity of ambition combined with unprecedented secrecy amplified the menacing character of this event. (...)
Tuesday 13 August
Do you find International Viewpoint, the English language magazine of the Fourth International, a valuable resource? Do we bring you analysis and news from corners of the globe that the mainstream media ignores, from struggles and debates your usual sources of information don't cover? That's (...)
Monday 12 August
In most other countries the news that more than 10.2 million citizens are unemployed would lead to mass calls for the President and Finance minister's resignations. Instead, the reality that more than 10 million South Africans are condemned to hunger, inadequate housing, a failed transport (...)
Sunday 11 August
The body of 24-year-old Steve has been identified. The young man died, drowned in the Loire River after a police charge on the evening of the Fête de la Musique in Nantes. Our thoughts are obviously with his family, his loved ones, and all those who almost lost their lives that night. - 2. News (...)
Sunday 11 August
Wilfred Chan
Hong Kong has justified its existence as an interface between Western neoliberal globalism and China's statist authoritarian capitalism. China no longer needs the city to play that role; Hong Kongers desperately need an alternative. - iV535 - August 2019 / Hong (...)
Saturday 10 August
Manuel Rodríguez Banchs, Rafael Bernabe
The days of July 2019 have restored, or, perhaps, have given to the country a sense of possibility: the feeling that things can change, that things can be changed, that people, mobilizing in the street, can change them. - iV535 - August 2019 / Puerto (...)
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