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Sunday 23 June
Claudio Katz, Nicolas Allen
Argentina's looming economic crisis is the result of extreme neoliberal policy: as implemented by the military dictatorship, the IMF, and current president Mauricio Macri. - IV533 - June 2019 / Brazil, Economy, Argentina
Sunday 23 June
The election of a new government should be a time of celebration. 25 years since the end of Apartheid should be the time of immense celebration. Yet, 25 years since the “dawn of democracy” and South Africans are engulfed by extreme forms of anger, disillusionment and alienation. 22 million adults (...)
Friday 21 June
Claudio Katz, Jeffery R Webber
On May 5, 2019 I spoke with Argentine economist Claudio Katz in his Buenos Aires apartment. We discussed themes from his last two books, Neoliberalismo, neodesarrollismo, socialismo (Neoliberalism, neodevelopmentalism, socialism, 2016) and La teoría de la dependencia, cincuenta años después (...)
Friday 21 June
In a week of intense political polarization, the movements of the working class, youth and the oppressed again held a strong national demonstration, in continuity with the expressive acts of 15 May and 30 May. There were stoppages in more than 100 cities. Street demonstrations took place in (...)
Thursday 20 June
On Friday, the 14th of June 2019, hundreds of thousands of women went on strike throughout Switzerland for the second time after 1991. Women of all ages, from all regions and with different employment situations participated in hundreds of protest activities, ranging from putting up banners to (...)
Thursday 20 June
Alexa, Au Loong-Yu, Chris Chan, Chun-Wing Lee, Kevin Lin, Lam Chi Leung, Student Labour Action Coalition
Hong Kong's government tried to rush through a bill that would limit civil liberties. Instead they triggered a tidal wave of protests — some of the largest in modern history. Kevin Lin interviews Au Loong Yu, Chris Chan, Lam Chi Leung, Chun-Wing Lee, Alexa and Student Labour Action Coalition. - (...)
Wednesday 19 June
Raul Camargo
Mexico City is a place that reverberates with history. The cradle of the “Mexica” civilization is a melting pot of cultures and testimony to unique events in the history of the 20th century. The irregular landscape of houses, the result of the devastation caused by successive earthquakes, houses (...)
Tuesday 18 June
Joseph Daher
Women have played a key role in the protests in Sudan since December 2018, and continue to do so since the fall of the dictator al-Bashir in April 2019. - IV533 - June 2019 / Women, Sudan
Monday 17 June
Israel Dutra, Thiago Aguiar
The visit of Paulo Guedes to the Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ) of the Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday April 3rd provided an interesting snapshot of the political situation. An important representative of financial capital and the ultraliberal wing of the government, the Minister of (...)
Sunday 16 June
In recent weeks, attempts to deliver ammunition for Caesar cannons and other types of armaments to Saudi Arabia have been interrupted by the mobilization of dockworkers in three different ports in France and Italy. - 2. News from around the world / Italy, France, Saudi Arabia, (...)
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