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Tuesday 13 November
Dan La Botz
Central American migrants, both desperate and courageous, have thrust themselves into the center of Mexican and U.S. politics with their demand for refuge and asylum. As the head of the NGO Pueblos Sin Fronteras told a reporter, “This isn't just a caravan, it's an exodus created by hunger and (...)
Monday 12 November
Azad Essa
S'bu Zikode leads a shack dwellers' movement and says city officials crack down on those who highlight a housing crisis. - IV526 - November 2018 / South Africa
Sunday 11 November
Kunal Purohit
Rising levels of poverty and inequality are adding to the frustrations of young people in the country, most of whom want to be identified as Hong Kongers, rather than Chinese or even Hong Konger in China. Amid Growing Clampdown on Dissent and Free Speech, Hong Kong's Youth Is Pushing Back - (...)
Saturday 10 November
Landless workers' leader spoke with Brasil de Fato on the next steps for the left after Jair Bolsonaro's victory - IV526 - November 2018 / Brazil, Far Right
Friday 9 November
Oliver Eagleton
Rents are soaring and the government is hand-in-glove with property moguls. Oliver Eagleton reports on the activists fighting for a fairer housing system. - IV526 - November 2018 / Ireland
Thursday 8 November
Walden Bello
The letter below was written just before the recent presidential elections in Brazil. We are republishing it here because we think much of what Walden Bello draws out of the comparisons between what Duerte has done in the Philippines and what Jair Bolsonaro presages in Brazil is timely and (...)
Wednesday 7 November
Sivamohan Valluvan and Eleanor Penny unpack neoliberal attitudes to migration and 'low-value' humans. - IV526 - November 2018 / Britain, Migration, European Union
Tuesday 6 November
Hans Peiffer, Manuel Kellner
Hans Peiffer, born in 1934, has since 1955 been active in the German section of the Fourth International (today the Internationale Sozialistische Organisation, ISO). He was interviewed by Manuel Kellner. - IV526 - November 2018 / France, Germany, Fourth International, (...)
Monday 5 November
Awami Workers' Party
* Blasphemy laws must be reexamined * Most courageous decision by top judges in favour of most exploited * AWP welcomes decision of the Supreme Court - 2. News from around the world
Monday 5 November
Alliance of Middle Eastern Socialists
This statement was read at a Los Angeles rally in solidarity with the Latin American migrant caravan on November 3, 2018. - IV526 - November 2018 / USA, Latin America, Migration
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