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Wednesday 21 March
Claudio Katz
Brazilian economist and sociologist Ruy Mauro Marini (1932-1997) was a prime exponent of what became known as dependency theory, an attempt to explain the systemic unequal relations of the Latin American countries in particular with the developed economies of the imperialist “North.” He was a (...)
Wednesday 21 March
Pauline Forges
On this March 8th, a women's strike is being organized in several countries, in particular in Italy where the movement "Non una di meno" (“Not one more”) involves thousands of women. This interview with Marta Cotta, a member of Degender, the feminist collective in Rome of Communia (Italian (...)
Tuesday 20 March
Julia Camara
The fact that this March 8th was going to surpass all our expectations was clear when we looked back on the weeks that preceded it. No one, however, seemed capable of anticipating the scale of the mobilization that we finally witnessed. Fortunately, the wave swept over us all. Beginning on (...)
Monday 19 March
Frieda Afary
Those who oppose both the Assad regime and the Jihadists and all the imperialist powers, need to focus on a glaring fact: Support for Assad and Putin has become a rallying cry for Western white supremacist, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic organizations and parties. We need to show that opposing (...)
Sunday 18 March
Gigaba and Ramaphosa have set us on a path of economic regression. The 2018 budget will hit poor and working class people harder. - IV518 - March 2018 / South Africa
Saturday 17 March
Andy Heintz
Hawzhin Azeez is co-founder the non-governmental organization Hevi (meaning hope in Kurdish). The NGO provides humanitarian aid to the people of Rojava (three autonomously run cantons located in northern Syria). Hawzhin is the creator of the Middle Eastern Feminist on Facebook. She writes (...)
Friday 16 March
Dan La Botz
We working people live in darkening times. When the Trump presidency ends in four years—if it does—we may no longer have an organized labor movement. As one of my colleagues, Ed Ott of the Murphy Institute, the City University of New York's labor school, said to me, “We are at the beginning of the (...)
Friday 16 March
Activist of the LGTB movement, the World March of Women, City Councilor of the Party Socialism and Liberty (PSOL) in Rio de Janeiro and in charge of the commission of inquiry into the violence perpetrated by the army and the police against young people Afro-descendants in Rio, Marielle Franco (...)
Thursday 15 March
Joseph Daher
Ongoing discussions regarding the now famous Syrian legislative law, Decree 66, continue and its recent expansion and approval by parliament in January 2018, is waiting to be officially implemented to the rest of the country. Decree 66, which entered into law as of September 2012, allowed the (...)
Thursday 15 March
Marielle Franco, member of PSol, elected councillor in Rio de Janeiro with the fifth highest votes in 2016 was an outspoken fighter for justice and against police violence. Franco and her driver were shot dead on 14 March in a drive-by killing. The PSol issued this statement. - 2. News from (...)
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