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Sunday 19 November
Even ten years on, the first mental image that comes to mind with regard to Theravāda Buddhism is that of Myanmar's Saffron Revolution of August-September 2007: thousands of Buddhist monks peacefully demonstrating in the streets of Yangon, Mandalay, Pakokku, Sittwe and other towns against the (...)
Saturday 18 November
Louise O'Shea
In a society that thrives on division, prejudice and fear, the result of the marriage equality postal survey is a triumph. - IV514 - November 2017 / Australia, LGBT
Friday 17 November
An interview with Leon Trotsky's grandson, who lived with the famous revolutionary the last year of his life. - IV514 - November 2017 / Fourth International, Historical events
Thursday 16 November
Dan Swain
The Czech Republic's new leader is a sad symptom of a broader crisis. - IV514 - November 2017 / Czech Republic
Wednesday 15 November
Howie Hawkins
Stephanie Luce [1] asks why did Cuomo shift leftward after the 2014 gubernatorial election in New York? Her answer is that progressives working inside the Democratic Party – Working Families Party, Zephyr Teachout, Bernie Sanders, Fight for $15 demos organized by Democratic Party-oriented unions (...)
Tuesday 14 November
The Philippine government officially declared on October 23 that the battle of Marawi was over and that this historic Muslim city had been fully recaptured after five months of fierce fighting against the jihadist group of the Maute clan and its allies. - 2. News from around the world / (...)
Tuesday 14 November
Rafael Bernabe
Before Hurricane Maria smashed into Puerto Rico with devastating force, the previous Hurricane Irma caused relatively manageable damage compared to its horrific impact in much of the Caribbean. Even so, the island's electrical grid — before Maria utterly destroyed it — had already suffered (...)
Monday 13 November
Ilya Budraitskis
One would have hoped that the occasion of the centenary of the Russian Revolution would have lead to a serious reimagination of both the event in itself as well as the legacy and history emerging from this monumental event. In the English-speaking world many books have been rolling off the (...)
Sunday 12 November
William J Maxwell
The decision of Missouri Circuit Court Judge Timothy J. Wilson in the case of Jason Stockley, a white former St. Louis police officer charged with the first-degree murder of Anthony Lamar Smith, a 24-year-old African American, was issued early on a Friday morning — a time calculated to avoid (...)
Saturday 11 November
Marienna Pope-Weidemann
The fatal police shooting of 37 striking workers at Lonmin's Marikana platinum mine in August 2012 was the worst recorded instance of police violence in post-apartheid South Africa. Five years on, there have been no prosecutions and no real improvements – no compensation for the families living (...)
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