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Monday 14 January
Peter Drucker
We have already seen examples of the havoc that the far right in power could wreak — against immigrants and refugees, against civil liberties, against vulnerable populations even within the limits of constitutional rule. But given Europe's history, the question inevitably arises: would the far (...)
Sunday 13 January
Julia Kassem
From Detroit and Flint, Michigan to Gaza and the West Bank in Palestine, those struggling against institutionalized racism and apartheid are no strangers to water struggles. - 4. Features / Palestine, USA, Israel
Sunday 13 January
Malik Miah
French President Emmanuel Macron's November 11, 2018 speech, during the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, called rising nationalism across Europe a “betrayal of patriotism” and warned against “old demons coming back to wreak chaos and death.” - IV528 - January 2019 / Far Right, National (...)
Saturday 12 January
Léon Crémieux
A look back at the year 2018. The emergence of the Yellow Jackets was first and foremost an expression of the rejection of tax injustice, crystallized in the rejection of the new fuel tax, which everyone has since understood was intended only to finance the compensation in the 2019 budget for (...)
Friday 11 January
Jan Malewski
Bernie Sanders has so far received little attention for his internationalist positions, even though he spoke out and voted against the war in Iraq, proposed a drastic reduction in US military spending, strongly criticised the coups d'état organised in Latin America by the CIA and opposed US (...)
Friday 11 January
Badrul Alam
The 11th National Election in Bangladesh was held on 30 December 2018. - IV528 - January 2019 / Bangladesh
Thursday 10 January
Michael Löwy
In recent years, the reactionary, authoritarian and/or fascist extreme right wing has been in the ascendant all over the world: it already governs half of the world's countries. Among the best-known examples are: Trump (United States), Modi (India), Orbán (Hungary), Erdoğan (Turkey), Daesh (...)
Thursday 10 January
Rebecca Stoner
A new book argues that words like “innovation” are doing more than telling you who to avoid at parties. - 7. Reviews section / Reviews
Wednesday 9 January
David Finkel
It wouldn't be surprising for, let's say, Fox News to fire a commentator for expressing support for the Palestinian struggle. But some fans of CNN, known for its 24/7 denunciations of all things Trump, might be taken aback that a “liberal” media outlet would take such action. - 2. News from (...)
Wednesday 9 January
Alan Wald
Is the wolf of academic repression once more at the door of the University of Michigan (U-M)? - IV528 - January 2019 / Palestine, USA
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