Sunday 21 July
Barry Eidlin
We can't win socialism without workers fighting back. The rank-and-file strategy gives us the tools to do that. Socialism's recent resurgence has revived core debates about socialist politics and strategy: what do socialists want, and how do we get there? Whether figuring out how socialists (...)
Saturday 20 July
Pierre Gottiniaux
Un scandale politique a éclaté récemment à Puerto Rico qui a poussé la population à descendre dans la rue pour des manifestations rassemblant plusieurs milliers de personnes autour d'un mot d'ordre : « Ricky Renuncia ! », Ricardo, démissionne ! - Ricardo Rossello est l'actuel gouverneur de l'île. Le 11 (...)
Saturday 20 July
Eugene Chausovsky
The U.S. trade war with China and Washington's prolonged standoff with Russia — over matters from Iran to Venezuela to arms control — are increasingly driving Moscow and Beijing toward each other. Chinese President Xi Jinping is attending the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum June 6-7, (...)
Friday 19 July
Ter García
¿Quién está detrás del fondo estadounidense que se ha convertido en una de las principales empresas inmobiliarias en el Estado español? Cuando Blackstone entró en el negocio inmobiliario español, lo hizo por la puerta grande. Eran los años 2012-2013 y su primera gran compra fue un paquete de más de (...)
Friday 19 July
Andy Stowe
The closest thing to a Hitler rally most people alive today will have seen was Donald Trump's audience in Greenville chanting “send her back”. An enraged white mob was pouring out its racist fury against Ilhan Omar and Trump was basking in their mutual hatred of her. These people are the heirs of (...)
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