Thursday 4 January
Pablo Elorduy
El cese de Carlos Sánchez Mato como concejal de Hacienda evidencia la crisis de Ahora Madrid y deja a la vista las tensiones que enfrenta este partido si pretende concurrir a las elecciones de 2019. Bastó con tres llamadas y se de­sencadenó la peor crisis de Gobierno de Ahora Madrid. Tres voces que (...)
Wednesday 3 January
Eric Toussaint, Michael Nevradakis
ATHENS, GREECE – For years, throughout the severe economic crisis that has plagued Greece over much of the past decade, the international media and financial press have held Greece up as a striking example of financial folly and mismanagement. Greece's debt, we have been told, is the product of (...)
Wednesday 3 January
Frieda Afary
The protests that started in the city of Mashhad on Thursday December 28 have quickly spread to more than 40 cities including Tehran, Kermanshah, Rasht, Isfahan, Shiraz, Hamedan, Kerman, Zanjan, Ahvaz, Bandar Abbas, and even the city of Qum, Iran's religious capital. The participants are mostly (...)
Tuesday 2 January
On December 15, 16 and 17, 2017, ATTAC Morocco, a member of the global network for the abolition of illegitimate debts (CADTM), organized a Maghreb seminar on free trade agreements, agriculture and food sovereignty under the slogan: No to colonial agreements, for the defence of people's (...)
Tuesday 2 January
Jean Ziegler
El pueblo de los países pobres se mata trabajando para financiar el desarrollo de los países ricos. El Sur financia al Norte, y especialmente a las clases dominantes de los países del Norte. El medio de dominación más poderoso es actualmente la deuda. Warren Buffet, considerado por la revista (...)
Tuesday 2 January
Eric Toussaint, Stefan Slavković
Éric Toussaint est interviewé par Stefan Slavković pour l'hebdomadaire serbe NIN. Depuis quelques décennies il écrit sur les systèmes financiers internationaux. Selon Toussaint, il faudrait que leur fonctionnement soit complètement et facilement compréhensible pour tous. Or d'après lui, il n'est pas (...)
Tuesday 2 January
Hugo Blanco
Taking advantage of the holiday season, Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuzinski (PPK) freed former dictator Alberto Fujimori, imprisoned for multiple murder. Christmas Eve is called " the night of peace, night of love" but the Christmas gift of PPK to the Peruvian people was to free the symbol (...)
Monday 1 January
Irfan Zamzami
The central government of Indonesia has repeatedly announced its intention to universalise access to clean water by 2019. To achieve this, an estimated 27 million new connections are needed, with a major investment gap of IDR 274.8 trillion (US$20.8 billion). And most of the time, as clearly (...)
Monday 1 January
Renaud Vivien
La opacidad que ofrecen los paraísos fiscales son la herramienta perfecta para los fondos de inversión que especulan y asfixian a muchos Estados. Apenas unos días después de que los Paradise Papers revelaran cómo las grandes fortunas utilizan los paraísos fiscales para eludir impuestos, los Panama (...)
Monday 1 January
Joseph Daher
Since the rise to power of Hafez al-Asad in 1970, the Syrian regime started a process of winning the favors and support of the private sector by implementing various economic liberalization measures directly. This was accompanied with increased connection and collaboration between sectors of (...)
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