Thursday 7 June
Hundreds of thousands of independent truckers are continuing the second week of a nationwide strike, and oil workers have walked off the job for a 72-hour strike as political tensions escalate in Brazil. - IV521 - June 2018 / (...)
Wednesday 6 June
Brais Fernandez
Mariano Rajoy, the conservative president of the Spanish state, was forced out June 1 after the parliament voted for a motion of censure (similar to a vote of no confidence) put forward by the biggest opposition party, the center-left Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE), and supported by the (...)
Tuesday 5 June
Salvatore Cannavò
The Conte government is the first government of a new Italian centre-right. A centre-right which to be precise has to be defined as hyphenated – bringing together distinct political currents. - IV521 - June 2018 / Italy
Tuesday 5 June
Patrick Bond
At a Johannesburg BRICS think tank, scholars get drunk on their own rhetoric South African academics and think tanks met on 28-31 May 2018 for deliberations leading to the July 2018 BRICS heads of state summit to be hosted by South Africa. Most of these scholars believe that the BRICS (...)
Monday 4 June
Press release Total victory for CADTM, Committee for the abolition of Illegitimate Debt, the CNCD – 11.11.11 and its Flemish counterpart represented by Oliver Stein from the chambers of the Progress Lawyers Network. Today 31 May 2018 the Belgian Supreme Court rejected the request brought by NML (...)
Monday 4 June
Camila Parodi, Maria Elena Saludas
Tras los recientes acuerdos con el FMI y el actual contexto de ajuste dialogamos con Maria Elena Saludas de ATTAC/ CADTM Argentina para comprender la deuda en clave Ni Una Menos. ¿Que implicancias tendrá el acuerdo, que en pocos días, se firmará con el FMI en términos políticos y económicos? Para (...)
Monday 4 June
Rémi Vilain
« Une dette, ça se rembourse ! Dans les pays où sévissent des dictatures, la dette peut être certes discutable ; mais lorsqu'elle a été contractée par des gouvernements démocratiquement élus, on ne peut ensuite légitimement la remettre en question ! » Voilà une chimère profondément ancrée dans nos (...)
Monday 4 June
Nicolas Bénies
14 mai 2018, le peso argentin chute en perdant 6,9% de sa valeur. Le 8 mai le gouvernement de Mauricio Macri a fait appel au FMI pour obtenir un prêt qui lui permettrait de répondre à la spéculation des opérateurs sur les marchés financiers. Ce prêt a l'avantage de ne pas passer par les marchés (...)
Monday 4 June
Fourth International Bureau
The Fourth International reaffirms its solidarity with all the bombed, massacred, tortured, starving and displaced civilians in Syria; its solidarity with the democratic and progressive forces that continue to defend the aspirations of a heroic insurrection. Seven years after the beginning of (...)
Monday 4 June
Lee Wengraf
Lee Wengraf writes that the rush for profits, economic volatility and militarization across Africa promises only instability, rising exploitation and violence. Since the start of the new millennium, sub-Saharan African economies have undergone a dramatic boom. This surge has been marked by (...)
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