Monday 9 July
Aman Madan
South Asian workers in the Middle East are systematically dehumanised and othered in a society where whiteness is considered the ideal. - IV522 - July 2018 / India, Migration, Lebanon
Sunday 8 July
Julio C. Gambina
El viernes 6/7/2018 EEUU impuso aranceles a las importaciones provenientes de China por 34.000 millones de dólares. La inmediata respuesta china fue de réplica y por el mismo importe. La escalada proteccionista amenaza a multiplicar ese monto por varias veces, trascendiendo la relación bilateral (...)
Sunday 8 July
Rachida El Azzouzi
Veinte años de prisión. Las sentencias contra los activistas del Hirak rifeño, el movimiento social marroquí de una magnitud sin precedentes en los 18 años de reinado de Mohamed VI, son muy duras. Se habían levantado contra la injusticia de un sistema que les aplasta y margina a su región, (...)
Sunday 8 July
Dans le cadre des « Rencontres déconnomiques », Eric Toussaint et Olivier Bonfond du CADTM interviendront le samedi 7 juillet 2018 pour présenter le « système-dette » et ses alternatives. Patrick Saurin poursuivra sur la question des emprunts toxiques. Source : - (...)
Saturday 7 July
Rossen Djagalov
The latest wave of confrontation between Russia and the West—from the Skripal affair and the following diplomat expulsions and sanctions on Russia to the gassing of Douma residents most likely perpetrated by the Assad regime and the resulting US-UK-French bombing raids on Syria–rarely left the (...)
Friday 6 July
Sosyalist Demokrasi icin Yeniyol
The elections held on 24 June in Turkey confirmed the one-man rule of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and caused more disappointment than the previous ones. Several factors had created a wave of hope amongst supporters of the broader opposition parties that the ruling party would do less well this time. - (...)
Friday 6 July
Vendredi 14 Vernissage du Musée du Capitalisme A 19h au Centre Liégeois du Beau-Mur – Rue du Beau-Mur 48 à Grivegnée. Samedi 15 Actions, chants militants & pique-nique urbain A 11h au centre-ville (galerie Saint Lambert) Conférence de Eric Toussaint (CADTM) & Arnaud Zacharie (CNCD - 11.11.11) (...)
Friday 6 July
Nicolas Latteur, Olivier Bonfond, Yannick Bovy
Deux livres. Deux travailleurs du CEPAG. Deux rencontres en studio. Interviews par Yannick Bovy pour l'émission Regards. Il faut tuer TINA - 200 propositions pour rompre avec le fatalisme et changer le monde, Entretien avec Olivier Bonfond, économiste au CEPAG Travailler aujourd'hui, ce que (...)
Friday 6 July
Martin Hvidt
After years of campaigning by women activists, on June 24 the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia will be lifted. It is the most visible of a bundle of recent initiatives taken by the Saudi king and the crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman, to strengthen the role of women in Saudi society. [1] - (...)
Thursday 5 July
Luis Rangel
Around 11 pm on July 1, 2018, after an election day that had kept the country holding its breath, Lorenzo Córdova (the President of Mexico's National Electoral Institute) announced, confirmed, a trend that could only have been overcome with an ignominious electoral fraud of unprecedented (...)
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