Monday 11 December
Eric Toussaint, Erwan Mana'ch
Erwan Mana'ch a interviewé Eric Toussaint pour l'hebdomadaire français Politis à l'occasion de la sortie du livre Le système dette. Histoire des dettes souveraines et de leur répudiation (Les liens qui libèrent, Paris, 2017) Toute votre analyse porte sur l'idée que la dette a joué un rôle déterminant (...)
Sunday 10 December
En la noche del 8 de diciembre, por televisión abierta de Argentina y en horario principal, algunos conductores televisivos y periodistas expresaron sus opiniones respecto de una situación muy dura y compleja que se está viviendo en Argentina en estos días y, en especial, sus opiniones respecto de (...)
Sunday 10 December
Juan Manggagawa
1. Duterte is not a fascist. He is reactionary or, as Walden describes him, a counter-revolutionary (to the “EDSA revolution”). But he does not fit the bill of being a fascist. - Fascism / Philippines, Far Right, Debate section
Sunday 10 December
Walden Bello
In 2016, Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte placed his country prominently on the global radar screen—too prominently, in the opinion of some Filipinos. - Fascism / Philippines, Far Right, Debate section
Sunday 10 December
Joseph Daher
The revolutionary process in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) has suffered through a period of defeats and setbacks since the heady days of 2011. [1] Progressive and democratic forces have been or are being squeezed by two counterrevolutionary forces—the existing regimes and various (...)
Sunday 10 December
Dave Renton
Let me start with the origins of my book Fascism: Theory and Practice. I will then set out – using a deliberately old-fashioned, Marxist term – what my perspective would be if I was to think today about the same questions now. - Fascism / Britain, Far Right, Debate (...)
Sunday 10 December
This article from Jacobin was published on 12 December 2015, that is during the republican primaries in the run up to the 2016 Presidential elections. - Fascism / USA, Far Right, Debate section
Sunday 10 December
Enzo Traverso
In Les Nouveaux Visages du fascisme, Enzo Traverso and Régis Meyran discuss the continuities and discontinuities between the fascist movements of the twentieth century and the "post-fascist" far right of today. Olivier Doubre spoke with Traverso for the 16-22 February 2017 edition of Politis. (...)
Sunday 10 December
Alexandre Afonso, Line Rennwald
The European far right has cynically appropriated left-wing and pro-worker talking points for its own purposes. - Fascism / Europe, Economy, Far Right, Debate section
Sunday 10 December
Jim Wolfreys
The FN's new image doesn't mean the far-right party had a change of heart — it means the mainstream has accepted its program. - Fascism / France, Far Right, Debate section
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