Friday 24 August
South Africa is becoming more impoverished day by day. Stats SA's latest figures show unemployment increasing by 0.5 to 37.2. (We don't bother with the smaller figure of 27.2 that gets all the publicity. Would you say to the face of one of the 2,864,000 “discouraged work seekers” that they are (...)
Thursday 23 August
Luciana Ghiotto, Patricio Lopez
Actualmente se encuentra en tratamiento parlamentario en los Congresos de Chile y de Argentina el Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) entre ambos países. Este TLC fue firmado en enero de 2018, con el objetivo de extender el Acuerdo de Complementariedad Económica (ACE) N°35 vigente desde 1996. Este (...)
Thursday 23 August
Nick Dearden
Nick Dearden looks at the theories of one of Africa's greatest radical thinkers - IV523 - August 2018 / Marxism, Obituary, Africa
Thursday 23 August
Guido Viale
A ceux qui soutiennent sans « si » ni « mais » les Grands Projets, qui dans l'effondrement du pont Morandi voient l'occasion de récriminer la non réalisation de la Gronda, un autre projet complémentaire et non alternatif au pont écroulé, il faut rappeler que ce pont est (était !) un “Grand projet (...)
Thursday 23 August
Éric Toussaint
Central America is considered by the US government as part of its own exclusive sphere of influence. The policies adopted by the World Bank in terms of granting loans to the countries of the region are directly influenced by the political choices of the US government. The case of Nicaragua and (...)
Thursday 23 August
Jérôme Duval
Para el pueblo congolés la historia se repite. En tiempo en los que los smartphones y los automóviles eléctricos marcan la pauta, las vastas reservas de cobalto situadas en el subsuelo de la República Democrática del Congo son objeto de codicia por parte de las grandes multinacionales. Empresas (...)
Wednesday 22 August
Global Burden of Disease 2016 Greece Collaborators
Researchers from the University of Washington and abroad have just published a study on the effects of the financial crisis in Greece, and more particularly of the consequences on health of the austerity measures imposed by the Troika (EU, ECB and IMF). The important decrease in health-care (...)
Wednesday 22 August
Farooq Sulehria
First off, some simple arithmetic about the July 25 general elections in Pakistan, the sixth most populace country in the world. In a house of 342, 272 members are directly elected. The rest of the seats are reserved for women and religious minorities allotted on the basis of the parliamentary (...)
Wednesday 22 August
Damien Millet, Eric Toussaint
Large popular mobilizations resulted in the creation of self-organized committees in the neighbourhoods, workplaces, universities and several higher education schools; this has led to the constitution of a people's government. It has just held its first meeting. In this government, the women (...)
Wednesday 22 August
Angela Klein
The crisis of the German government and the EU: an explosive farce The day after the “agreement” between the two parties of the CDU-CSU union, the media speculated on the question: “Who has won?” Of course, the answer was given according to the preferences of the media but the general tenor was: (...)
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